Museum in Przeworsk

Museum in Przeworsk includes the Palace and Park complex located in the former Lubomirski’s line Palace and a 12 hectare park next to the palace. The Museum in Przeworsk is an object which opens the trail "Retracing the weavers". In the palace interiors there are numerous exhibits related to the history of Przeworsk, the ethnography of the region and fire-fighting. The Museum also has a collection of festive costumes. Traditional Przeworsk outfit consisted of cloth, linen and tulle aprons as well as wraps, - corncrake, lamb's and Tibetan garments, women's shirts, belts, shoes, corsets, caps, corals and camellas as well as men's outer garments. The collections are available in the form of a permanent exhibition.

The Museum in Przeworsk, the Palace and Park complex
ul. Park 2
37-200 Przeworsk